Few words about Kefalonia

arrow11Kefalonia is the largest and one of the most appealing islands of the Ionian Sea. Ideal for a peaceful holiday, the beauty of the unparalleled landscape of Kefalonia shall definitely bedazzle you as the pure natural beauty is delineated all over the scenery. At the same time, the remains of an ancient civilization create an enigmatic and interesting atmosphere that in combination with the unique mentality of the inhabitants compose an amalgam of excellence.

Kefalonia is the largest of the Ionian Islands located in the heart of the Ionian Sea between the island of Lefkada (northern part) and the island of Zakynthos (the southern part), at a short distance from the island of Ithaca.

The island of Kefalonia has a very peculiar morphology with enigmatic caves, strange rocks, wooded slopes, silver coasts and mountains.

arrow11Local products
At the island of Kefalonia you can buy thyme honey, wine the famous robola and nougat, dairy products, cakes, cookies with aniseed and perfume from the pines of Enos.

arrow11Local Events
The theatrical festival on July 15, the celebration of the union of the Ionian Islands with Greece on 21 May, the cultural events during the summer and the litany of Agios Gerasimos on August 16 and October 20 in Argostoli. The feast of Our Lady Agrilion on August 23 in Sami. The feast of Saint Gerasimos on August 16, the carnival, the Shrove Monday, the Celebration of May Day and sporting events during the summer Scala. The feast of Our Lady on September 8 at Fiskardo.

At the island of Kefalonia you shall find numerous traditional taverns, restaurants, cafes and bars for your entertainment.