arrow11The two most traditional villages can be visited in the region is picturesque Fiskardo and Assos, parts that reflect the influence of Venetian architecture and the island remained untouched by the earthquake of 1953. The magic of the landscape fascinates thousands of tourists with its wild beauty, its stone streets and courtyards filled with flowers of traditional mansions.

arrow11Fiskardo are restaurants, cafes, souvenir shops, as well as post office, ATM, and Port Authority Police. In Fiscardo you can rent boats and do a tour of the island to engage in diving..

arrow11Assos is a beautiful beach and tavernas where you can swim and enjoy the Kefalonia kitchen. Ace is also the castle started to be built in 1593 to take refuge there, the population in case of war or attack pirates.

arrow11Most famous beach on the island and the most famous of the world, one can enjoy swimming, Myrtos is located approximately 20 minutes drive from the villa.

arrow11Athers beautiful beaches located approximately 10 minutes from the villa, is the Holy Jerusalem, salt, and other Emplisi.